Grace Home Educators Fellowship

is a Christian Home School Co-op group on the Westbank and greater New Orleans Area.  

Grace Home School Group

GRACE Home Educator Fellowship INC is a Christian co-op offering classes in academics and enrichment. It was established to provide opportunities to honor God and model fundamental Biblical truths, while further developing Godly character within our children and ourselves. GRACE seeks to be as relevant and appealing to pre-schoolers as it is too high school students.  

Grace Home Educator Fellowship INC is a member of  "The Christian Home Educators Fellowship (CHEF) of Louisiana" and is s a Christian homeschool support group.

Annual Co-op Due: $30/family ($35 if paid after Oct 1st). The $30 fee provides website access, Discount Prices to Co-op field trips, and Discount Ticket Price to Teen Formal. Participation in yearly educational events; such as annual Science, History, Entrepreneurial Fairs; family parties; such as Easter Picnic, Christmas Craft party, and Thanksgiving Banquet. Access to the End of Year Pool Party and in other family-oriented events, including Mothers Luncheons, GRACE's Youth Run Nola Running Club (fitness club), Father Picnic, and monthly Mom’s Nights Out.

Once a yearly member of GRACE, you have the option to join for an "additional cost"  2 GRACE Co-ops:

1. Academic Co-op & 2. Enrichment "Fun" Co-op.

Co-op participant members must commit to participate by volunteering to teach or help in classes for the benefit of the group.

Academic’s Co-op meets 30 weeks out of the school year, 15 weeks in the fall and 15 weeks in the spring, for five hours of classes every week. GRACE is a WORKING co-op, so with each class enrollment you may be expected to help, to teach, to assistant teach, to monitor class, or to sit in class with your student. The fee for each class varies, usually $30-$60 per class for 15 weeks in the Fall & additional $30 - $60 per class for 15 weeks in the Spring.

Enrichment {Fun} Co-op has two sessions per school year, First 8-10 weeks session in the FALL & Second 8-10 weeks session in the SPRING, for three hours of classes every week. Enrichment Co-op fee per session is $100 for the one child, $130 for the - 2 children, $160 for the 3 or more children.

We offer an affordable "weekly Physical Education."

Please do not contact any of these churches listed for any Co-op information. Please direct your questions, or request for call back, to [email protected]

Example of Classes Offered at GRACE ENRICHMENT CO-OP Below

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